The machine, with reasonable design, compact structure, is controlled by PLC and displaying is realized by touching screen. Malfunction can be displayed in the touch screen with simple operation. It can match all kinds of looms in domestic and overseas.



Application: This machine is suitable for the yarn of pure cotton, polyester cotton ,staple fabric and blending with yarn count 6s~100s.
Effective width of warp beam: 2300-3400mm
Diameter of disk(mm): ¢800mm
Tension of warp beam(N): ≤6000
Diameter of big drum: 1000(mm)
Cone angle:
Warping and sizing speed 2~80 m/min
Re-beaming speed: 2~100m/min
Braking distance: < 2m
Line speed fluctuation of warping and re-beaming: ±2%
Stripe traverse speed: 0.001~9.999(mm/r)
Deviation of stripe traverse: ±0.01mm
Specification of bobbin creel: rectangle or small V rotary bobbin creel (Spindle distance and number of spindle are based on clients)
Specification of warp beam creel: “H”-shaped warp beam creel, which can include 4 pieces of warp beam with diameter 600mm and the disk with diameter of 700mm.
Chamber: 6 piece cyclinde,,570, φ570
Working steam pressure: 0.35Mpa
Dimension (L*W*H)(m): 31m*81m*22m
Installation power: 30kw (without air compressor)

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