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About us

Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. , founded in 1949, is formerly state-owned Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Factory. Located in No. 258 Wutong Street, Hi-Tech Development Zone,

Company History

In 1949, the company’s predecessor, Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Plant, was born with the foundation of Republic.In 1951, the first 32 sets of roving machine were produced, and since then new products appeared have appeared almost every year.


  • Chemical Fiber Machinery
  • Blowroom Carding Equipment
  • Non-Woven Machinery
  • Weaving Machinery
  • Dyeing & Finishing Equipment
  • Creel Creel
  • Chemical Fiber Large Capacity Production Line Chemical Fiber Large Capacity Production Line
  • Bottom Guiding Frame Bottom Guiding Frame
  • Prefeed Module Prefeed Module
  • 澳门新葡萄赌场网站 Immersion Bath
  • Draw Stand 1 Draw Stand 1
  • Draw Bath Draw Bath
  • Draw Stand 2 Draw Stand 2 85155.com
  • Steam Heating Box Steam Heating Box